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The Location

The Grounds

The expansive D'Alijo Retreat Center spans across 5 hectares, showcasing a picturesque landscape adorned with terraces, Olive trees, majestic Mountains, captivating rock formations, a refreshing Pool, and enchanting water features, including cascading waterfalls. The retreat center offers splendid walking trails and is conveniently situated near an adjacent national park, where mesmerizing waterfalls and towering trees create a magical charm.

D'Alijo is in close proximity to UNESCO heritage villages and cities such as Porto, Guimarães, Braga, and the breathtaking Douro Valley.



They offer a vegetarian and vegan menu, ensuring all dishes are MSG-free and without taste enhancers. They minimize the use of salt and sugar, opting for unrefined cane sugar or organic wild honey from their own bees. The chefs prioritize using fresh vegetables and fruits from their gardens, and when needed, they support local producers. Their cooking relies on pure cold-pressed oils. 

The main house, situated in the heart of the center, encompasses our restaurant and kitchen, and is encircled by panoramic terraces. It has five bedrooms. Scattered across the grounds, you will find wooden Mountain Lodges, Suites, and River Cabins. Each room features an outside veranda that provides uninterrupted views of the surrounding area and premises.

Yoga Shala

The Shala sits on a small hill, granting stunning views of mountains and valleys. You can hear the gentle sound of running water in the background. It is 91 m2, has a wooden floor and is equipped with top-notch yoga mats, cushions, blankets, straps, and props, along with a modern sound system. Additionally, there is a cozy lounge area and a bathroom.

yoga shala
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