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Inspiring lives since 2015

Embodhi, previously called, BioPerformance Academy, started in 2015. Our main mission to give and share as much as of these beautiful ancient teachings to those who are faithful, dedicated to the yogic lifestyle as much as we are. It is made through an intense yet clear and accessible training experience that will create the base for a life time of study and of fun.

Human Understanding

We believe that a thorough anatomy foundation is of utmost importance and all our programs emcompass an extensive exploration to ensure that the principle of ahimsa - 'no-harm' can be followed.

Maintaining Traditions

We embrace the ancient traditions of (yogic) lifestyle, sharing their historical and philosophical backgrounds and bringing them to our modern lives with a relevant practical application.

Al. met al.

Ultimately, we help people connect to their innermost essence and guide them through progressive steps, to lay the foundation of knowledge and rhythm of yogic life, to be ready to face their everyday challenges. We bring awareness about the need for and importance of self-development
to optimise our life paths and enjoy this journey at its fullest.



Most of Nuno’s adult life has been spent travelling the world, exploring new cultures and in search for a calling that has been burning from within.

From his artistic background that had him perform on stage for many years to being a successful owner of a lifestyle coaching company, Nuno’s yoga practice kept him grounded along the way since the age of fifteen.

Eventually his practice and study turned into a life-long dedication, and linking his varied life experience, he culminated his long journey by creating Embodhi. Nuno is extremely very proud on how Embodhi has grown so beautifully in the past years and how it also encouraged him as a student to further deepen his self-development and understanding.



Embodhi's facilitators come from all different backgrounds, specialising in diverse fields. From yoga and movement teachers, to psychologists, traditional medicine therapist and physiotherapists, what brings us together is a true and honest passion for what we do. A passion that is not merely a hobby but a culmination of dedicated study and proving results that ensure that by bringing these different modalities together, we can create tailor-made adaptations to help one’s personal journey reach his or her final destination: a successful yogic living.

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