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MARCH 14 - 17, 2024 | AMSTERDAM
Level 2
Deep Connection

32 HRS
The Training

32 hours training


In this 4-day intensive training, we invite you to delve deeper into the knowledge cultivated in the previous training. While Level 1 emphasized Presence and the Quality of Touch, this intensive 4-day will equip you with tools to enhance your confidence as a Deep Connection Massage Therapist.

Who is this training for?

Level 2 training is crafted for those who have completed Level 1 DCM Training, offering an advanced exploration of touch and space-holding skills in massage therapy. Ideal for therapists and individuals passionate about deepening their understanding, Level 2 builds upon the foundational principles of Level 1. While attendance at Level 1 is recommended, we remain flexible, assessing each case individually to provide opportunities for those genuinely eager to embrace the transformative techniques of Deep Connection Massage. 


The theme of this training is:

'Eyes in the finger pads and Heart in the center of the palm'

What you will learn:
  • ⁠New movements, including passive stretchings of the limbs and neck.

  • Heightened sensitivity in your hands to intuitively understand your client's body.

  • ⁠Detailed focus on specific areas to effectively address clients' needs.

  • ⁠The acquired techniques will significantly enhance your role as a therapist.

  • ⁠Personally, continue honing active listening skills through the morning Self Connection Experience exercises.


I wanted to explore developing my "energetic" hands, inspired by a fantastic massage experience in Ibiza with Javi. Completely centered in his strength and gentleness, Javi creates safety with subtle precision. Integrating local and full-body massages from various techniques and cultures opens individuals completely. Despite the struggle to master this, I'm determined to achieve the serene masseur I aspire to be. This massage form transcends any dubious connotations, emphasizing pure human-to-human connection. Despite the challenges, group training focused on relaxation, self-centering, and opening to others yields beautiful bonds of safety and love. A sincere recommendation for Javi and heartfelt thanks to fellow participants.


- Olivier

March 14 - 17, 2024
Provisional schedule:
Thu-Sun: 09:00-18:00

Location Amsterdam
Naar Zee Yoga Studio, IJburg 
Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DR Amsterdam
780 (32 hours training)
€699 (Early Bird until February 25, 2024)
€650 (Earliest Bird until February 15, 2024)



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