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Nuno bi



Nuno founded Embodhi (formerly BioPerformance Academy) in 2015. He has been on a journey of exploration of the human body and mind since he was seven years old when he began moving through dance and performing arts. His love of movement led him to discover yoga at the young age of fifteen, embarking his first yoga teacher training at sixteen. 
Whilst working in Europe as a performer, Nuno deepened his knowledge of holistic health and healing and often turned to yoga to ground him with a sense of peace. With his ignited passion for yoga and healing, Nuno embarked on a life-long dedication to share his teachings and skills with others working across Europe and Asia since 2011.  

Nuno's teachings are based on a functional approach to movement and focus on Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Mindfulness practices. Nuno is currently studying TCM practitioner and Acupuncturist.

You can attend one of Nuno's yoga classes in Amsterdam at both Movements Yoga and Heldhaftig Yoga or book a treatment with him in Amsterdam East.  

Stijn BI



Stijn's roots lie in the event industry, where he earned his stripes by producing unique live experiences for large companies in The Netherlands and abroad.


Working in events is often accompanied by a fast pace and hard deadlines. As a result, Stijn ended up overworked several times. After the umpteenth time at the end of 2020, it was time to change something fundamental.


For some time he practised breathwork through the Wim Hof method and Kundalini Yoga. But the life-changing effect of breathwork only came into its own when he came into contact with Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB).


This CCB practice has the great potential to connect us back into ourselves, permitting us to access the innate wisdom that is part of our human makeup - but has most likely become lost in our hectic and convoluted modern lives. 


With breathwork the desired path is one where we get to meet ourselves: forging forward and achieving a greater sense of who we are and self-navigating our own healing. By doing so we can be granted access to suppressed emotion and hidden trauma in the body - often trapped deep within our cells. 


Thus, allowing us the beautiful opportunity to cleanse ourselves not only physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

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