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Privacy Policy

We highly prioritize your privacy as we consider you an integral part of the Embodhi family. Consequently, we are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data.


We solely utilize your personal information to facilitate the provision of our services or to notify you about similar services we offer.


This Privacy Policy provides details on when and why we collect personal information about you, as well as the types of personal data we may gather during your online or phone interactions with us. It also outlines our commitment to ensuring the security and protection of your data. We kindly request you to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy. By accessing this site, you affirm your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.


Embodhi collects personal data from Participants who attend retreats or trainings at Embodhi ("Participants") for the purpose of maintaining a member file, processing payment orders, and handling administrative tasks. Embodhi exercises caution when collecting this data and adheres to applicable Data Protection regulations.

Additionally, Embodhi will utilize the aforementioned personal data to keep Participants informed about Embodhi's activities and any potential changes in retreat or training dates. Participants who wish to opt out of receiving communications from Embodhi can do so by sending an email to However, it's important to note that in such cases, Participants may not be able to access all of Embodhi's services and products.

Embodhi will never transfer any personal data of Participants to a third party without prior written consent.



Upon request, Embodhi will correct, add, remove, or restrict access to the collected data of Participants. However, this may result in the Participant no longer being able to use certain services or products provided by Embodhi. Participants can request information about their processed personal data by emailing If Embodhi intends to use Participant information for purposes not mentioned in this Privacy Policy, prior notice will be given to allow Participants to object.



Embodhi reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. It is advised to regularly check for updates.



For any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.





1. Scope and Objective

This document outlines how we handle the personal data of Participants participating in the Teacher Training. Our aim is to provide clear information about:

- The data we process, store, and the purpose behind it.

- Our commitment to careful and effective data management.

- How we strive to protect Participants' rights.


2. Types of Data Processed

We process the following data (if applicable):

- Name, first names, initials, gender, date of birth, address, zip code, place of residence, telephone number, email address, and similar communication-related data upon registration.

- Availability for the study program, level of education, previous yoga training, medical data, and motivation for the study during registration for assessing candidate suitability.

- Information regarding the nature of the training course, such as notes from responsible teachers or mentors, participant interviews, mentor feedback reports, and email correspondence related to the learning process.

- Observations from teachers and mentors regarding progress and success, and relevant financial data concerning invoices.


3. Purpose of Data Processing

All personal data is processed in compliance with applicable legislation and for the following purposes:

- Organizing education and training, testing, certifying Participants, and guiding their learning process.

- Facilitating communication among Participants, providing necessary contact details.

- Supporting Participants with coaching and supervision, tailored to their individual needs.

- Engaging with Participants and other stakeholders about learning materials, programs, activities, etc.

- Maintaining contact with Participants, former Participants, and other relevant contacts.


4. Confidentiality of Shared Information

We understand that participants may share personal matters with us during training, which should remain confidential. Our teachers and mentors are bound by confidentiality obligations and a Code of Ethics, ensuring they do not disclose such information to third parties. However, there are three exceptions to this rule:

- Sharing information with other teachers involved in the participant's learning process, only if deemed beneficial to the learning experience.

- Mentor reports shared with directors for supervision purposes. Participants may voice objections to this process, which will be respected.

- Occasionally sharing photos or videos on social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) solely for their intended purpose. If Participants wish to opt-out, they can notify us via email.


5. Data Processing Conditions

We only process data with explicit permission from Participants or when it is necessary for the fulfilment of a study contract.


6. Data Storage

Data is stored for the duration necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was obtained, unless a legal obligation requires its retention. Course and mentoring data are retained for five years from the last contact with the participant.


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