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Yaya, Thailand

Health Retreat, October 2019
I loved the energy, people (everyone), everything. Thank you so much Nisha and Nuno for the beautiful time together and teaching me so much about yoga, meditation and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I will come back.

Kerran, Israel

Workshop, October 2018

I did this workshop without having much expectations but my friend had reccomended it.

Nuno was the best .He was so calm throughout, and reassuring through out every moment. I also loved the organization from Pai Yoga Shala, especially their free pickup and drop off. Everything was just so simple to organize with them! Thanks to Nuno & Kai and everyone else for being a part of my great experience . I will be repeating for sure.

Mike Etman, Amsterdam

Personal Coaching 2015 - 2017

Nuno is a very good listener and observer and actually knows how to translate what he hears and sees into a personal coaching plan. This sounds obvious, but I know from experience it is not. My training schedule is dynamic, never boring and always challenging! My nutrition schedule helps me to reach my goals. When I was suffering from an injury, Nuno aligned with my physiotherapist and adapted my training schedule to secure recovery and overall progress at the same time. Summarising, Nuno is an exceptional personal coach. I shouldn’t be sharing this. Now everyone wants a piece of him… ;-)

Follow Mike on his instagram and linkedin.

Anton, UK

Health Retreat, October 2019
Fantastic retreat. Nisha and Nuno are great teachers. The whole retreat was perfectly organised and everyone involved was kind.Highly recommended.

Ramona, Amsterdam

Retreat, October 2019

A life changing experience!
Nuno and Nisha were the perfect team for this retreat and they managed to communicate their profound Yoga knowledge in a simple and easy way. They taught me  to create new habits and better postures. Always thinking about our safety, Nuno managed to respond to every single person needs individually and I am very glad I attended it. Highly reccommended.

Cynthia Vedantham, Dubai

Health Retreat, October 2019

I had the most amazing experience with Nisha and Nuno at the Pai retreat. Well organized and fun filled activities along with 🧘‍♀️. Can’t wait for next year for another retreat in Pai with Nisha & Nuno. Amazing teachers 🙏🏻🤗

Douwe Tiemersma, Amsterdam

Personal Coaching, 2015 - 2017

Three years ago I met Nuno for the first time. Training with him has changed me; it is so much more than just pushing some heavy weights in the gym and doing your split squads. He puts you to work, not only physically but also mentally. He made sure I got out my comfort zone - just what I needed to achieve goals I never thought possible. And now, I am 50, I am healthier, stronger and happier than ever.

Marieke Borkent, Amsterdam

Personal Coaching, 2014 - 2017

After 8 years in the gym and no results, I was fed up hearing myself complaining about my body and decided to do something about it. I expected Nuno would give me “the body” I was looking for, but in the end this was just a nice side issue. Nuno has taught me everything about the way of training, executing each exercise properly and not being afraid of dumbbells etc. It was not only about training and exercises, but also about stimulating and pushing yourself to get the most out of it. Experiencing that you have more power and being stronger than you thought. That due to training your mental health improves and of course seeing the result in your body is a nice extra. Food is a very big part when you would like to “transform” your body. I thought I was doing pretty good, but this was not the case. I was eating a lot of “empty carbs”.

In a short amount of time Nuno getting to know you by observing, talking and listing well. In this way he knows in a short amount of time to stimulate and challenge you in the way which fits you the best. Nuno is a very pleasant person to be around and leaves you in your value and doesn’t judge. He is always open for questions and pep talk.  

Lonny van Zwieten, Amsterdan

Personal Coaching 2015 - 2017 


"But there was more to it. I had regularly seen people in the gym training with a Personal Trainer. The interaction between coach and client appealed to me and after some time pondering, I finally decided to give it a go and try it out for myself. My only goal back then was to improve my form and technique. I remember well the day I spoke to Nuno. I walked straight to him whilst attempting to hide my shyness and embarrassment. I would have preferred to hide myself under the towel I carried with me that day. We made an appointment and decided to start for period of 3 months. Then…I started to doubt; what were his expectations? I cannot do everything right at once? But Nuno helped me and reassured me that it will all be fine and motivated me to go and start learning ....

Three months, that’s all. Or so I thought. We worked together for more than two years on weekly basis. When we started, I was asked for a goal but I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to work on. Apart from the form but we agreed on working on posture and focus on my shoulders as they needed some attention. I was often amazed by my own physical strength, but my shoulders, they were my weakest link. I wasn’t aware of that when I started. I had never noticed that there was a so much built-up tension there. I found that interesting. 

The first 3 months went by really fast.  I started to focus more on my body and slowly I understood the role of nutrition as an important pillar to look physically better. But that was not really the reason I came for, so I thought... I wasn’t planning to change my nutrition patterns yet but that slowly and progressively also changed: in my own tempo, in my own way. And that, too, has now become my daily routine.



The challenge of working out; constantly being in conversation with myself and always outside my comfort zone. I like that the best. I’ve lived in my comfort zone for more than 50 years but now I saw for the first time that life outside is infinitely bigger and much more beautiful! I kept training once a week with Nuno to further fine-tune my technique, to go beyond my physical boundaries and for the mental support that I would sometimes need. But now I work out 3 times a week putting a lot of effort and dedication; I cannot imagine my life differently.



Physically and aesthetically the changes were incredible. I had to keep working hard on my shoulders and slowly my posture changed. I really needed the help of Nuno as he knew exactly how to handle my case. With a lot of patience, trust and perseverance we have achieved a wonderful result together.


But there was more to it. 

I became mentally more resilient and much stronger. I got to know a very different Lonny, one who will not want hide anymore under a towel in case I wasn’t satisfied with the results of a training session. Try again next time and when I succeed, oh then I feel so happy. That feeling reaches beyond the walls of the gym. I have found my inner compass; I have learned to dare to fall and stand up, to live more from my heart and not from my head.

So it has actually become a journey of discoveries! I feel much better in my skin but, most importantly, that the inner strength that was hidden somewhere in me for such a long time, was re-discovered it. And that is the most beautiful thing I have ever discovered. I have seen myself change from shyness and invisible to someone full of curiosity, with need for challenges and my eyes are regularly radiant full of cheerfulness! Follow Lonny on instagram

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