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JUNE 20 - 28, 2020
"Retreat. Release. Realign."
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At the onset of the Summer Solstice, immerse yourself in a tropical transformational & rejuvenation retreat in the lush north Thailand.  A journey of self-discovery & healing through movement, stillness, sound, breath, meditation & yoga. This retreat's name derives from the word solstice ( Latin sol ("sun") and sistere ("to stand still") as we will be passing through the yearly summer solstice.
This 7-day haven is thus for you to take a few days to stand still, revitalise, energise and harmonise your mind, body, and soul in Pai. With pleasant weather and amongst the beautiful mountains and emerald green rice fields, take time in, let go from daily doing and habits and explore the world of yoga and meditation and connect to our true nature of bliss. Allow silence, freshness and happiness to surface, meet new people and take a deep breath to all part of your body and life.  A whole-listic approach, that not only treats you well but also teaches you how to incorporate these practices into daily life.


This retreat has been mindfully designed encompassing all five elements and seven chakras theme for each day helping you to realigned, reflect and re-abide with your true nature, an honest home in the heart and for physical, mental and spiritual homeostasis.

Each day, we have designed wholeheartedly a schedule inviting you to join us in co-creating new habits, breaking old night owl lifestyle patterns, and rearrange your new personality in order to manifest your new reality which is less dis-ease and less drama. Finding healing and becoming a calmer being for others for when you get back to your workplace and continue your personal mission and with family and friends.

Soulstice retreat encompasses optional activities and some are proven by many scientific and yogic research. For instance,  waking up to meditate at 4:30am, digital detox, daily morning & evening yoga sessions, sound healing, pranayama, bandhas, mudra & chakra meditation, yoga nidra and many other high-vibrational practices. 



Away from the hustle and bustle of city-life, and set in serene, natural and tranquil surroundings, Kirina Retreat offers inspiration and community for all their guests. Situated in Pai, 110km from Chiang Mai, the resort allows one to completely retreat and enjoy the fantastic landscapes. Only a short few minutes drive away or a nice walk from Pai Walking Street and Night Market when you fancy a wander, or you can choose to simply relax in the serenity of the beautiful grounds of the resort and relax  at the swimming pool, gardens or the café. The resort also includes free Wi- Fi, laundry service, parking lot and a free shuttle to&from town. 

The rooms are newly refurbished and are clean, bright, and simple with a Thai touch. Kirina Retreat has 9 garden rooms all with private toilets and 2 community houses where each house has 2 en-suite rooms fitting a maximum of 4 people. So you can see there are different options for different budgets. You can either have your own bed in either a private ensuite room, share the room with one more fellow yogi or share a community room with three other same-minded yogis.


There are two main yoga shalas at Kirina Retreat. One of them operates daily with yoga classes in a drop-in base and the other one is secluded from the rest, with private garden ideal for morning meditations and practices. This semi-indoor octagonal shala is full of light and has an air-condition in case to cool down during the hot summer days.


Expect two healthy, lovingly-prepared meals each day. Filtered water and herbal teas are available throughout the day. For brunch you can expect organic and  plant-based rich foods including homemade granola and yogurt, local honey, homemade jam, fresh local exotic fruit as well as any egg option you might want. As a base imagine a rich bowl of greens, vegetables and local rice or other grains to taking care of your precious body and mind health. In the evenings, we will have a Thai family style sinner and you can expect things like local curries, grains, salads, and soups. The menu is be varied and always changing, depending on what the local market has available. The menu items listed above are just to give you an idea and can change. Any dietary requirements can be given prior to arrival to ensure that our Chef can take good care of you.


How To Arrive



Chiang Mai Airport (CMX) is a major gateway into North Thailand and the main airport to fly into for this retreat. The most popular route in is connecting via Bangkok Airport (BKK), as well as from other smaller serving Thai airports, or you can arrive directly via Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Laos or South Korea. 


Upon arrival at Chiang Mai, we will arrange for a shuttle bus to pick you up from the airport, or if you decide to stay a night or two in Chiang Mai before the start of the retreat, collection will be from your Chiang Mai hotel. The transfer is a 3hr scenic journey north to Pai. 



Chakra meditation, Flow of LIFE (Hatha-Vinyasa), Inner Chi Healing (Energy Healing), Sound Healing, Yin YOUnion




Alignment-based yoga, Yoga nidra, restorative pranayama, movement, kirtan



Soulstice retreat takes place from June 20 - 28, 2020. Plan on arriving in Pai after 1pm on June 20, and leaving before 12pm on June 28.  Once you arrive in Pai (and we will help you arrange transport), you can have a few moments on your own to get settled and relax, meet some of the fellow yogis before we start the retreat later that day. Each day is balanced between planned activities and free time. Pretty much everything in the schedule is optional as this is your time to connect to yourself. So it is up to you to choose and you can get into as much or as little as you want.

Here you find a provisional schedule to give you a general idea on how your days can look like. 

07:00   Hatha Yoga (alignment based) or Thai Yoga Massage

09:00   Pranayama

10:00   Brunch
10:45   Lectures on Philosophy and Anatomy

13:00   Free time
15:00   Clinic & Mentoring
17:00   Hatha Yoga (alignment based)

19:00   Meditation
19:30   Dinner
20:30   Free time or optional activities



The climate in Pai and North Thailand at this time of year is very tropical with enjoyable warm days around 28°C. Being a tropical climate, bursts of heavy rain can occur at anytime. We will provide umbrellas but you may wish to bring your own rain jacket too.


You can pick up local treasures and touristy bits whilst visiting Pai Walking Street during the day or night.


North Thailand is full of beautiful scenery so why not extend your stay and spend a couple of days in the buzzing city of Chiang Mai and/or some extra days in Pai travelling around further along this way. For example from Pai, you could visit the tribes of Mae Hong Son whilst taking in the breathtaking views, or take a tour to see the famous Blue and White Temples of Chiang Rai.


The local currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). You can exchange currency at any Thai airport, when in Chiang Mai or in the main town in Pai.
Current currency conversion: £1.00 = 40.00 THB / €1.00 = 35.00 THB


Shared room with 4 more students, private bathroom and fan

EARLY BIRD: $725 Full payment must be made by April 20, 2020. REGULAR: $735



Shared room with 4 more students, private bathroom and A/C from 10pm to 10am

EARLY BIRD: $825 Full payment must be made by April 20, 2020. REGULAR: $835



Shared room with one more student with twin beds, private bathroom and A/C

EARLY BIRD: $925 Full payment must be made by April 20, 2020. REGULAR: $935


Private double bed, private bathroom and A/C

EARLY BIRD: $990 Full payment must be made by April 20, 2020. REGULAR: $1100

What is going to be


Nuno is an excellent yoga teacher who taught me how to start my practice as a beginner. He is very easy to understand and he puts a lot of effort in explaning alignment connected to his vast anatomy knowledge. I really enjoyed my time in Pai learning with him. I only wish I stayed longer as after one week I could really see a lot of improvement. I really recommend to everyone that is interested in learning more about yoga and especially whilst having a very safe and fun practise at the same time.

 ~ Elise Keizer ~


8 days 7 nights
All the classes from the Soulstice program
14 meals (Brunch and Dinner)
Complimentary drinking water
Use of full resort facilities, including swimming pool and complimentary shuttle to/from resort to Pai operating daily from 7am to 10pm
Bus ticket from CNX/PAI/CNX

Reconnect with your

innermost essence.


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